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Nova Corps is currently recruiting. Please see Recruitment Information for more details.
Nova Corps maintains resources for its members, such as this guild site, through donations. We sincerely appreciate the support, and all funds are used solely for Nova Corps expenditures.
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Welcome to Nova Corps, the premier fighting force in the Republic. Nova Corps is a mature tight-knit community based on the core values of competitiveness, teamwork, friendliness, and fun. Focus is placed on all aspects of gameplay. Nova Corps is a Republic guild on the US West PvP server The Swiftsure. For the Republic!

Nova Corps has moved hosts! Visit the new site here!

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Guild News

The Swiftsure --> The Bastion

theblueslime-, Jun 14, 12 2:55 AM.

With server transfers upon us, The Swiftsure's name finally came up! Unfortunately, we're not a destination server, but rather an origin server to The Bastion. Transfer your characters via your SW:TOR Account panel as soon as possible and whisper an online member for an invite!

Patch 1.2 Arrives!

theblueslime-, Apr 13, 12 2:39 PM.

After weeks of waiting, it's finally here! Patch 1.2 has hit live and we've already started to delve into the plethora of new content now available! In other news, last night we took an excursion back into Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode and successfully completed our title run in 55 minutes (and we actually got the titles this time)! Congratulations everyone!

Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode Cleared!

theblueslime-, Mar 5, 12 12:22 AM.


This Sunday Nova Corps took to the depths of Eternity Vault Nightmare Mode and came out victorious! Not only that, but we squeezed it in well under two hours! Unfortunately, thank BioWare for this, no titles and no codex entries.... Spam refresh on those bug reports!

Karagga's Palace Hard Mode Cleared!

theblueslime-, Feb 13, 12 2:36 AM.

After our second successful week of Eternity Vault Hard Mode, we had enough to dabble in Karagga's Palace HM. A few short hours later and we went all the way! Congratulations everyone!

Eternity Vault Hard Mode Cleared!

theblueslime-, Feb 6, 12 2:35 AM.

This week Nova Corps finally toppled Soa in 8-Man Hard Mode! After much frustration on the bugged puzzle pillars and a few glitches to overcome, we finally manage a clean run for a very successful kill. Congratulations to everyone!
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